Washington, DC municipal reporting

DC Water will begin inspecting and enforcing required reporting and record keeping for commercial sites that output wastewater.

Greenpipe has worked with numerous municipal water agencies, including DC Water, to promote self-regulated pumping and maintenance programs that include pretreatment with Green Bull bacteria.

Greenpipe Biotech works with wastewater regulators to lengthen the minimum time between required pumping events. DC’s standard pumping interval is 30 days, but Green Bull treatment can lengthen the time between between pump events depending on tank size and input volume. This can add up to a huge savings on regular pumping and maintenance.

Greenpipe also provides regular monthly reports on grease interceptor status and grease conditions. These reports are required by many municipalities and must be kept on site for 3 years. These reports help regulators understand your facilities grease management practices and to assess commitment to reducing grease output to local and municipal systems.

Backed by the EPA and laws like the Clean Water Act, local water authorities have the ability to impose heavy penalties and shutdowns if warranted.

With Greenpipe Biotech managing your grease and wastewater compliance, you can rest easy.

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