Restaurant Drain Cleaning

One service area the production and build-up of grease, fats, and oils typically affect is the foodservice/ restaurant industry. This is because workers cook and prepare different foods daily. We understand the importance of having clean sanitary lines within a business of this type and offer our services to help fill this need.

Greenpipe Biotech is here to provide you with restaurant drain cleaning services near the Washington, DC, area to help your foodservice establishment continue operating at its full potential. We offer a cost-effective and non-intrusive treatment that keeps your drains clean and clear without having to take time out of your day for servicing.

In a restaurant, you ask a lot out of your drains. Whether they’re handling grease or food scraps, there is a lot more than water going through your system. While many fats you encounter in a kitchen are often in a liquid form, dumping them down the drain transfers them to a cold environment. This will make the grease and oils solidify, quickly becoming a hindrance to your plumbing systems. Given the amount of grease a commercial kitchen can expect to handle every day, it is easy to see how important restaurant drain cleaning is to the continued operation of food services.

That’s why you should use digestive bacteria solutions for your drains, which live to eat and digest grease and other organic material. We can alleviate the need to use typical drain cleanings like line jetting and grease trap cleaning. This not only frees up your schedule where you would otherwise need to shut down part of your operations, but it also allows for continued treatment of your drains throughout the day.

We make sure your business can focus its time on making food—not cleaning drains. Contact Greenpipe Biotech to learn more about how our restaurant drain cleaning services can help your foodservice business continue flowing freely.