Waste Stack Treatment for Condo, Apartment, and High-rise

Facility Managers: Reduce or eliminate waste stack plumbing costs bioremediation for FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease)

Plumbing repairs and maintenance for the waste stacks are a common challenge in high-rise residential buildings. The annual cost for these services can easily reach $7,000 and beyond. A Green Bull Waste Stack Treatment program can significantly reduce costs associated with plumbing and jetting services.

Problem: FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease)

Many high-rise buildings experience problems managing the Fats, Oils, and grease (FOG) buildup in the Waste Stacks. This is a growing issue in 2020 as residential Waste Stacks are experiencing 2-3x more usage with residents spending more time at home. Work from home is a growing reality for many workers and increases the demand on the plumbing systems. Hydro-Jetting is only a temporary solution and does not prevent FOG buildups from happening again. What can be done more sustainably and with less cost?

Waste Stack Treatment with Green Bull will benefit any high-rise building with common kitchen waste stacks.

Solution: Waste Stack Treatment

Greenpipe Biotech’s Green Bull Waste Stack Treatment is a bio-remediation treatment that uses seven strains of bacteria in a bio-film forming gel that coats the interior walls of vertical stack pipes. The bio-film slowly dissolves and releases FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease) digesting bacteria over several months to provide a constant treatment effect.

Greenpipe's rooftop treatment method means no disruptions in resident areas.


Our clients experience an immediate reduction in waste stack issues related to FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease). Green Bull Waste Stack Treatment is a low cost, quarterly preventative maintenance solution that is ideal for managing a budget. Our rooftop treatment strategy does not disturb residents and cost savings are a big win for both residents and managers.

Greenpipe's proprietary bacteria formula slowly releases bacteria over several months to ensure constant treatment.


  1. A Greenpipe Biotech technician performs a survey of the roof and access points to define the service protocol specific to the building. We use building blueprints for accuracy.
  2. If using Greenpipe Biotech’s Green Bull Stack Treatment in place of an annual (of greater) preventative maintenance program then the first application is applied immediately. If there is an active or ongoing issue, hydro-jetting should be done before the first application. In most cases, jetting should not be needed again.
  3. A Greenpipe Biotech Service Technician arrives with all necessary treatment and safety equipment to enter the roof and roof service areas to inject Green Bull Stack Treatment directly into the target stacks. The treatment will stay active in the stack for months digesting grease and removing organic deposits in the stack.

More Information

The Cost (and hidden cost) of Hydro-Jetting

Each hydro-jetting can cost $10,000 or more and will not solve a FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease) issue for very long. In addition, hydro-Jetting causes scaling on cast iron pipework that, over time, can weaken the structure of the pipe and cause increased blockages.

Treatment for Residents

Available for purchase is a home use Green Bull Drain Treatment liquid product that residents can apply to their kitchen drains in evenings monthly. Available in 16 oz. bottles with MSRP $24.99 each. We can make these available for online purchases or in cooperation with the management office if desired.

Q & A

How do bacteria help with drains and stacks?

The bacteria will colonize, multiply, and consume (digest) the grease and organic matter they come into contact with. Eliminating grease prevents clogs in drain lines.

Will Greenpipe Service Technician enter resident units?

No. Greenpipe’s Green Bull Condo Stack Treatment is designed to allow for treatment without the need to disrupt the resident’s peaceful enjoyment of their homes. Greenpipe offers monthly treatment solutions that residents can apply to their kitchen drains manually.

How fast will the bacteria start working?

Green Bull Stack Treatment will begin effecting the waste stack system immediately and will take two (2) weeks to achieve full force in the wastewater system.

How do I prepare for the first treatment?

Greenpipe will need blueprints/drawings to identify the waste stacks at the roof level. It is best to have the building engineer or supervisor available to review these blueprints. An escort and access to the roof are required. Subsequent visits may be unescorted if desired with accommodations for access.

Warranty of Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction with Greenpipe’s Green Bull Stack Treatment is guaranteed, otherwise, we will refund the last treatment cost.

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Many property managers and homeowners associations have discovered that bioremediation is the ideal proactive maintenance solution.