Greenpipe service makes drain and grease trap maintenance simple so you can focus on what most important.

Commercial Building Management

Stay informed so you can maintain building systems. Reduce downtime and protect your investment.

Food Service

Keep your kitchen operating when the heat is on so your guests are happy. Reduce drain clogs and backups.


Diverse bacterial solutions for treating everything from medical dialysis lines to cafeteria drains.

Restaurants & Quick-serve

A cost-effective and non-intrusive treatment that keeps your drains clean and clear.

Entertainment Facilities

Diverse high volume systems that need to perform under pressure so fans can focus on the team and the win.


Managing multiple distant locations with regular treatment and standardized reporting to ensure systems are operating as expected.

Hospitality & Hotel

Odor elimination is critical in the hospitality industry. Green Bull microbes reduce odor by consuming grease in kitchens and traps.