Green Bull 100X Concentrated Drain Treatment

The Green Bull Dispenser system utilizes an ultra-concentrated formula of Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) digesting bacteria. Green Bull ultra-concentrate delivers millions of microbes an hour creating an inoculation effect in your drain or grease trap. Green Bull is a live bacteria product (not single-use enzymes) and multiplies constantly after being released from the dispenser, this means each dose of millions can quickly multiply into billions! They live to digest grease and other organic material and don’t stop until it’s all gone.


  • Heavy grease contributors:
    • Fryer hood drains
    • Grill floor drains
    • Salvajor drain
    • Dishwasher drain
    • 3-Pot sink drain
  • Traps and sewage tanks
    • Inline kitchen traps
    • Grease Trap
    • Sewage Interceptor

Greenpipe Time Release Drain Treatment

Time Release Drain Treatment is a unique formula of our Grease eating bacteria in a long-lasting carrier that sticks to drain basins and inside drain lines, slowly releasing bacteria over time. Our time-release formula means Green Bull bacteria can go where traditional dispensers cannot; Centre floor drains and drains under equipment and tables can now be targeted and treated with a regular dose of live bacteria. The same live bacteria colonization and multiplication in a new deployment package.


  • Medium & light grease contributors
    • Centre floor drains
    • Kettle drains
  • Difficult locations
    • The time-release formula is applied directly to drains and treatment areas with long reach spray
    • Can be applied in seconds, ensuring minimal disruption

Greenpipe Uric Salt Remover

Uric salts are a natural buildup of the salt content present in sanitary lines in commercial and heavy use buildings. This salt buildup can clog lines and cause backups if not treated. Our Uric Salt Remover utilizes naturally occurring acids to destroy the salts and create open pathways in drain lines.


  • Use in older buildings to break up and prevent the formation of uric salt in sanitary lines
  • Use in facilities with waterless urinals where uric salts quickly buildup without dilution from water flush systems

Green Bull Concentrate Floor Cleaner

Using Green Bull Concentrated Floor Cleaner provides a highly effective, non-toxic, biodegradable, bacterial grease-digesting treatment that will leave floors clean and free of daily grease deposits. This reduces floor slip, cleans hard to reach areas and grout, contributes Green Bull bacteria to the kitchen drain system, helping prevent blockages., and neutralizes odors caused by decaying grease.


  • Everyday kitchen floor cleaner and grease remover
  • Deep cleaning grease remover and cleaner for various manual cleaning and scrubbing activities