Benefits of Drain Cleaning with Bacteria

Greenpipe Biotech Services with Green Bull Bacterial Treatments

Save Money

Using Greenpipe Biotech services and Green Bull Bacterial products can save you money fast while providing you benefits of drain cleaning.

  • Green Bull bacterial treatment reduces the grease in your pipes, saving you from costly shutdowns and emergency jetting bills
  • Bacterial treatments into grease traps and sewage interceptors will reduce the grease content and help reduce the required pumping frequency. Reduce pumping by up to 50%!
  • Greenpipe compliance programs will help keep your facility up-to-date with reporting and maintenance requirements set out by local governments and water authorities.

Reduce Backups and Downtime

  • Green Bull Drain Treatments will keep drain lines flowing. Let jetting your lines be a thing of the past. With regular maintenance and monitoring your facility will just work.
  • Greenpipe provides status reports on critical systems to let you know when maintenance is needed. Don’t be caught off-guard by the unexpected—experience the benefits of drain cleaning.

Help Protect Our Environment

The use of bacterial treatments for drain and trap maintenance reduces the grease output of your facility. This means less waste is hauled away (at your cost) to municipal and county waste sites.